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This is my least favorite part of the job. Honestly, I don’t know what to say. I could write a pile of bullshit so that you perceive me and my work as legitimate, cutting edge, fresh, new, and most importantly as something to be taken seriously. Really, I’d rather not. I suppose this is my rebellion-adopting a Bartleby, the Scrivener attitude towards doing everything they way we are supposed to with a proper portfolio and Artist’s statement and so on and so forth.

In reality, ideas have a life of their own and when one finds me, I have to see it played out. If not, I get weird. Not like old weird Todd who lives down by the river in a shack weird, but restless, preoccupied, moody weird. This grows in intensity until the idea is out there with a physical existence to call its own. Then the weird goes away until the next idea comes along starting the circle again.

So this isn’t about how I stand out from the rest, or some words to crunch into a sentence so that is easy to know what I’m about. I guess it’s about having an idea then doing something about it.

My Statement: When you have an idea, do something about it.

When I go into my head to the place that makes sense of the world is where the ideas happen.

When we are working on something that means something to us we go into what they call the zone and experience flow. we forget about time, where we are, what music is on, going to the bathroom.

Sometimes these moments happen with little jumps, and an idea fills that void.

That idea is a fire that must burn.