If You don’t know that you can’t do something, you can do anything.

Technology both empowers and dis-empowers humans. Oddly enough it’s something we create. This loop is infinitely tightening around these two entities – human and technology. In such cramped quarters, what happens to humans and their technology? How do we design it and in turn how does the technology affect us?

Technology trains us in how to use technology. Voice recognition software trains the user in pronunciation, diction and pace. Text programs correct our spelling. All the same it’s humans designing the technology.

My interest is in examining the bridge between humans and our technology. What is the relationship from either party? Does technology do something to us or do we let it do something? In addition, as we design more “user friendly” machines are we not reshaping our selves and in turn our culture to make humans more machine friendly? Throughout history, humans have been used as machines.

We treat machines in the same way we treat pets. By projecting human qualities, we develop a connection (I have a friend who claims their computer continues to lie to them). What do machines project on us? How do we feel about ourselves after the interaction? Machines don’t feel anything unless they are made to do so. Where does the designing begin. Is it in us or the machines. I think it’s a loop. One hand shakes the other.