Knock on Wood Machine

Knock on Wood Machine

Our faith we place in technology is, at best, fragile. Nevertheless, every day our existence relies upon its operation. When one part fails, our lives disrupted. The cause of these disruptions is often a small error. This tells us that the system we depend on is brittle and easily broken. Our dependence on the technical infrastructure of our lives is not based on cutting-edge technology. It is based on faith.

The “Knock On Wood Machine”employees a vibration sensor to detect the knock of the user. A feedback mechanism in the form of an oscillating motor rocks the piece of wood back and forth for a short time before announcing whether one’s luck has been changed or a jinx removed. The result can be either positive or negative. It is based on arbitrary readings of the vibration sensor.

The “Knock On Wood Machine” Is a comment on our own faith in technology when referenced to our lives. Its arbitrary results are valuable proportionately to the user’s faith in technology. This is faith-based computing. 

Log, Custom Electronics

H: 4”W: 15” D: 5”