100% Trash

100% Trash

A Collaboration with Niklas Roy and Benjamin Galoun

100% trash seeks the prove what we can create with discarded materials thought to be useless. Every day we throw away useful items. These items can be re-purposed, given a new life, seen as something different: something useful.

100% trash consists of disparate items brought together to create a single piece. 100% trash consists of a compact power supply from a minicomputer, 3 feet of 18gauge copper wire, an old LCD screen from a PDA, to motors from microwaves, and the metal chassis that once held a hard drive. These were the last pieces of trash available to us. We brought them together to compose one piece.

100% trash is proof that we can take items out of the garbage and create not just a simple kinetic sculpture, but a kinetic sculpture that produces a generative pattern with its movement. 

LCD Screen, AC Microwave Motors, Computer Power Supply, Copper Wire

H: 6” W: 5” D: 3”