ʇnduı oǝpıʌ ou (Low Radiation Color Monitor)

ʇnduı oǝpıʌ ou (Low Radiation Color Monitor)

A collaboration with Niklas Roy and Benjamin Galoun

We need to feed our technology. Not only with content, but with other pieces of technology. The disassembly, modifying and reassembly of the elements that make up the piece “ʇnduı oǝpıʌ ou” reminds us that the technology that completes our lives, also needs technology to be complete.

The disbanded LCD monitor is disassembled into its major components. A microwave oven is stripped of its motors and an old drawer is relieved of it sliders. The elements of these technologies are recombined into a homunculus that is the piece “ʇnduı oǝpıʌ ou”.

The LCD monitor is rendered impotent without a proper video signal, or accurate placement of the LCD screen over the florescent back light. “ʇnduı oǝpıʌ ou”is an exploration into not only our dependence on technologies, but technology’s dependence on itself.

Disassembled LCD monitor, microwave motor, drawer sliders

H: 5” W: 24” D: 20”