See You on the Other Side

See You on the Other Side

In a co-working space where once everyone is set up with their self imposed cubicles everything pretty much stays the same. See You on the Other Side adds a modicum of variety to everyone’s day-to-day life.

See You on the Other Side is a site-specific installation utilizing an unused doorway. The doorway was useless, never to be used. Where something appears useless, art finds a purpose. We placed a piece of whiteboard, filling the empty space, and with the help of projector, a mini computer, and Touchdesigner software, the challenge to create something new each week became the adventure. The installation is was worked on consistently over the course of six months and continues to evolve today.

This is a small taste of the many different generative patterns and interactions created over the course of six months. What you see here is not everything, as that video would’ve been much longer than the four minutes and 38 seconds of hard drive space and bandwidth it occupies now.

Custom Software, Projection Surface

H: 2 m W: 0.7 m D: 0 m
Dimensions vary with location