Journey in a Box

Journey in a Box

Travel is an interesting thing to contemplate. Mostly we take it for granted that we can go from A to B with all the conveniences of staying at home. We have a place to sit, food, and a television. In this sense, where we take the comforts of home wherever we go, we must ask “Have we gone anywhere?”

Journey in a Box is a generative piece. Software generates a particle system of 3D cubes moving from the right side of the projection to the left. Meanwhile a video of travel plays from the left to the right. The generative cubes act as a container, revealing the travel video inside the cubes.

Journey in a Box looks at our concept of travel and wonders if all travel is inside a box; can we travel without the box; and what is that journey? The piece utilizes a bit of film theory where in screen motion from let to right is interpreted as positive and motion from right to left as negative. The particle system travels from right to left while the journey moves left to right.

Projection Surface

H: 2 m W: 3 m D: 0 cm
(Size varies between locations)