My Fat Head

My Fat Head

The average human head is 15.8 kilograms. When it is said that someone has a fat head, we are saying they have an exaggerated ego. Our sense of self, is more often than not, different from how we are perceived by others. This is an opportunity for a machine, devoid of personal opinion, bias, and self interest, to establish the truth about how fat our head is. We may not want to admit the truth about our head, secretly we all want to know.

Utilizing a motor controlled scientific scale, computer vision, and fat head recognition software, My Fat Head evaluates an individual’s head and reflects its findings in the motion of the scale. It’s unique algorithm in evaluating fat head-ness contributes to its evaluation.

My fat head is a reflection on how we use machines to evaluate ourselves and how ridiculous it is to establish a sense of self- worth based on the evaluation of a machine. A true sense of self comes from ourselves. It grows from our sense of values, our relationships to the world around us, as well as the confidence that we are all valuable human beings.

2 Pan Balance Scale, 2×7” Monitors, Custom Electronics, Stepper Motor

H: 20 cm W: 30 cm D: 15 cm