Our childhoods are precious. They are the time when our biggest concerns were a scraped knee, “can we play outside?”, or “are we there yet?”. As we travel through life, the distance between our current time and these moments grows larger and the memories fade. Some memories, however, refuse to go.

Megafig is a 2.5m paper craft sculpture. The well-known Lego figurine, called a minifig, is re-created inside a 3-D program as a low resolution model. The model is then exported to a second program which breaks down and unfolds the object into a series of components. These are printed and assembled into a physical object.

Megafig is a memory that will not go away. I don’t want it to. My childhood revolved around the space adventure series of Legos from the 1980s. The sculpture is not only a tribute to my childhood, but it is also insurance that will keep the memory alive forever.


White Cardboard Prepared for Assembly

H: 2.5 m W: 1.2 m D: 0.5 m