Weight of Intention


Collaboration with 이지송

Communicating our intentions can be difficult. Many times we are not entirely certain of what we are expressing, others we are misunderstood.

A series of randomly chosen videos are presented on separate screens. These screens are positioned on the left and right pans of a scientific grade balance scale. The video content is compared and evaluated on the level of the artists intentions. The scale tips in the direction of the video with the greater intention and meaning to the artist as well as hold a balanced position should the intentions be equal.

Weight of intention is an exercise in transforming intention into mechanical motion. The video content holds value for the artist. The viewer is new to the material as well as the creators behind the piece. Expressing intention through mechanical motion is an aid to the viewer and the creator as well as an instigator of conversation about the true value of the material.


2 Pan Balance Scale, 2×7” Monitors, Custom Electronics, Stepper Motor

H: 20 cm W: 30 cm D: 15 cm