You See This Because I Let You

You See This Because I Let You

Digital content, the internet, big data was supposed to set us free, make us equal, harbor in a new age for everyone. This quickly became a falsehood. Digital data immediately became the property of large corporations and governments.

You See This Because I Let You presents information through a commonly known device, a flat panel monitor. The television is modified to prevent the viewer from consuming any content. A small circle of optical film hangs before the monitor. This allows the viewer to see the content only through the small circle. Through the material a video of a children’s encyclopedia from the late 1980’s is presented, page by page.

You See This Because I Let You is a summary of the everyman’s relationship to data. The content is presented in an un-viewable manner; it is only available though the artist’s unique method of access; when the content is consumed, the data is obsolete.

40” Flatscreen Monitor(modified), Video Playback Circuitry, Optical Film

H: 0.5 m W: 0.9 m D: 15 cm