Less Books More Reading

Less Books More Reading

Content consumption is entirely different than in the heyday of the book. At on time, reading books was considered a form of mental illness; the practice came into fashion; now it is being replaced with screens. 

27 hardcover books were tossed in the garbage. The content of these volumes covered mostly education. The books were modified to hang open, with blank pages visible to the viewer. Educational content is projected on the arrangement of books. The 27 volumes are separated in to three panels allowing for three types of educational material.

Less Books More Reading up-cycles discarded books into screens. The content is similar; in the first panel are Saturday morning cartoons covering grammar, in the middle panel are cartoons about science, and in the third panel are cartoons explaining math. Over time the basics of a well rounded education have not changed, only the method of delivery.

27 Hardcover Books(Modified), Projector, Computer

H: 1.2 m W: 2.5 m D: 5 cm