Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teacher

Everyone learns differently. Education is evolving. Our accessibility to information surpasses anything we have ever seen. Our copy and paste society replaces discovery and contemplate.

Internet content is gathered on a variety of subjects. Regard- less of it’s pertinence or factualness, it is presented across 16 high school desks as student’s desktop graffiti. At the front of the class is a 2.8 meter by 1.8 meter paper craft head representing the substitute teacher. In relation to the desktops, video that corresponds to the desktop graffiti is projection mapped to the head.

Substitute Teacher explores learning through wandering across disparate links. What catches the artists eye, what is designed and presented well. What is difficult to read or absorb. Substitute Teacher does not replace the traditional teacher. The Substitute Teacher offers another view of the world. Subject matter presented as we may never see it ourselves. The internet is our substitute teacher.

16 desks & chairs, paper, custom electronics

H: 3m W: 5m D: 6m