Get In My Head


Human beings will forever be plagued by the fact that no one will ever truly know what is going on inside our heads. We can write, we can sing, we can create works that express our ideas, feelings and thoughts, however no matter how eloquent we express ourselves, or how much empathy surrounds us, no one will ever truly know what is inside our heads.

Get in my Head utilizes 3-D modeling and Paper-craft to create a low resolution physical model of the artist head. the model is sized so that the user can place it over their own head and feel what it is like inside.

Get in my Head is a unique experience for the user. Once they place the model over their own head, they find something significant from the artists past. This item, though it may not offer a complete view into the mind of the artist, is a small step forward. 


Folded Paper, Wire for Hanging

H: 1m W: .5m D: .5m