Everybody Wins 2m

Everybody Wins 2m

Everybody Wins (Hoora! Hoora! Hoora!) Enjoys many iterations.This verson, fabricated for a solo exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, is the largest at two meters by two meters.

Games always have a winner. By default this dictates that there is one or more loosing party. This interaction is intended to make winners out of everybody.

Applying generative methods of creating art, it employs the use of tiling, symmetry, and simple rules in its composition. The result is a fifteen piece tile game where in regardless of where a tile is moved, the lines stay continuous. It is in this that the image is scrambled and unscrambled simultaneously.

“Everybody Wins (Hoora! Hoora! Hoora!)” is a play on traditional tile based games where in the object is to unscramble an image.

It is in this that everybody wins. All we have to do is play.

Speaker, Custom Electronics, Enclosure

H: 27 cm W: 22 cm D: 10 cm