Hand Shaking Machine

Hand Shaking Machine

Humans have always used other humans as machines. Human beings are machines. We are organic machines. Humans are prone to habits and repetitive actions. In our technology based culture, I am finding that of the many uses for technology, positive reinforcement is a growing practice. We are allowing technology to replace the simple actions of human to human contact and communication. This piece accentuates this.

 The handshaking machine is a simple robotic arm that upon detecting the user’s presence, with a little bit of fanfare, extends its hand in greeting. Should the user decide to participate, it will shake the users hand, complement the user on their excellent handshake, and retract into its original position.

The “Handshaking Machine” is a Rube Goldbergian comment on how we allow technology to replace basic human behaviors that have grown commonplace in our culture. It acts as a comment and as a reminder that our attitudes towards technology reflect our attitudes towards each other.

Aluminum Rail, Gear Motors, Wood Base, Custom Electronics

H: 30” W: 24” D: 24”