Affirmation Machine

Affirmation Machine

If you are feeling a little blue, the world’s got you down, and you can’t pull yourself out of the rut; the Affirmation Machine is for you. In twelve different languages it offers affirmation and ego stimulus. The Affirmation Machines sole purpose is to supplement low self esteem with positive reinforcement.

It arrives as a plain wooden box. Inside it’s velvet lined interior the user finds a dial, a button, and a hypno-wheel. A language is selected, and the button is pushed. The hypno-wheel rotates slowly placing the user in a mental state that is open to suggestion. A twenty second audio clip plays the selected affirmation.

Our reliance on technology is frightening. Not just on a day to day basis that involves the smooth operation of our cities and urban centers, but on our mental faculties and emotional wellness. The Affirmation Machine brings this to light and gently pokes fun our need to feel better about ourselves through technology rather than ourselves. 

Antique Wooden Box, DC Motor, Custom Electronics

H: 7”W: 12” D: 5”