LED Cube
This project is an exercise in representing the real world with LEDs arranged in a cube. Using video as the input, the computer takes the image, reconstructs the data and displays it in the cube.
This piece is a working low-resolution prototype for a true three dimensional display unit. The final product will use nano technology as light emitters encased in a clear box to produce true three dimensional images. As three dimensional imaging becomes more and more popular, a device that can display information spatially is more imperative. A three dimensional display unit will better represent data than the flattened displays of TV, film, or print.
The project is composed of 1,000 light emitting diodes or LEDs mounted in plexiglass. The computer processes live video and sends a low resolution version to a central microchip. This microchip distributes the video data to other microchips, which turn on the appropriate LEDs.