A Design of Light


 (Collaboration with Emilly Conrad and Jeff Galusha) 

Interactive store display works to engage pedestrian traffic. Simple movement or changes in the display break the fourth wall of traditionally static storefront display. We built “A Design of Light” to catch pedestrian’s attention with interactivity.

We employed proximity sensors outside the storefront. These are connected to a microprocessor and in turn a series of control circuits that managed the LED arrays. The 800 LEDs are dipped in bees wax for diffusion. The display is programmed to illuminate the LEDs procedurally until a passerby approaches the display at which point all the LEDs turn off. When the user moves to the appropriate distance the procedural animation come to life again.

“A Design of light” is an interactive experience that catches the pedestrian by surprise, entices them to play, and creates an association with the business that is hosting the display.


LEDs, Proximity Sensor, Custom Electronics

H: 11’ W: 60’ D: 6’