Hermetically Sealed


It’s good to take a break from things. The real things. Our tools,our crutches,ourselves. Our definition includes the things we acquire. A Souvenir,a token,a placeholder so we don’t forget. Tangible items hold something for everyone. Maybe it’s a photo,maybe it’s a rock. Some of these objects are sealed away, some preserved, these icons.

Holoubek collects a wide variety of found and personal objects, hermetically seals them from the elements with the intention of creating a disconnect between the viewer and the particular object. By sealing each object in vibrant primary colored plastic, each item ceases to be specific and ordinary and becomes instead iconic. The artist is removing all interactivity, coaxing the viewer to contemplate each piece as an idealized form.

The hermetically sealed project accentuates the characteristic shape, contours, and textures of everyday objects we normally overlook. The specifics of each object are supplied by the viewers imagination. 


Found Objects, Plastic Coating

Individual to each object