A Light Geon

portfolio_cube for irene_02

What is possible with a pile of fluorescent lights, strips of aluminum, and zip ties? A majority of this piece is motivated by an attitude of “because I could”. Later, it grew into an exercise in representing primitive shapes, or geons. Geons are the building blocks of our system for recognizing everyday objects.

 The fixtures are discarded, but useful electronics. Rather than throw them out, they are used as the shape of the primitive. Their luminance is secondary, but welcome as an aesthetic choice.  Light when shaped into a recognizable primitive shape holds a quality different from directional or ambient light.

“A Light Geon” is the beginning of a series wherein primitive shapes are represented with light. This encourages the mind to focus on the shape as a geon instead of simply a cube.



Fluorescent Fixtures, Aluminum Strips, Plastic Zip Ties

H: 74” W: 74” D: 74”