Beauty of Imperfection 2


The idea of perfection is a construct of the mind, and an impos- sible goal. For every individual has their own idea about what is perfect. It is the aspects that are imperfect, the flaws, that make something or someone unique and special, and in turn, beauthiful.

Beauty of Imperfection 2 uses symmetry to present nine lights to the user. Much time and effort goes into the presentation of the lights so that they may be perceived as perfect. After perfection, or the closest approximation of perfection, is achieved, a carefully planned and executed flaw is introduced creating asymetry.

Beauty of Imperfection 2 is the second in a series of pieces that attempts to display beauty through introducing a flaw in the piece. It sends a message to to the viewer that the flaws are what make us interesting, that there is beauty in our imperfections. 


9 one meter fluorescent tubes

H: 1m W: 1.2m D: 3cm