Music Table


The human species inherently sits in circles. Going thousands of years into the past, we sat around a fire to eat, share stories, keep warm. Even today, we continue the practice of sitting around a dinner or conference table, we stand in circles to con- verse and share news. Another use of the circle is to make mu- sic.

Music Table uses the circular format and eight customizable music box movements. Each movement has a scroll of paper that is fed through the mechanism and creates music-based on strategically placed holes, working very much like a player pi- ano or computer punch card. When the handles of each move- ment are rotated clockwise, a unique tone or note is played. The format is a circular table, this brings the users together in a inherently familiar and comfortable format.

Music Table is a participatory experiment in creating music. Anywhere from 1 to 8 people can control each music box movement. Controlling the tempo of individual music box move- ments any number of songs are possible. 


8 Music Box Movements, Table

H: 75cm W: 80cm D: 80cm