Evaluate Yourself


From the moment we enter this world, we are inundated with external stimuli, creating one of the great challenges of life: how do we continue to move forward knowing our own mind despite overwhelming amounts of stimuli in the form of other people’s opinions, media, and advertising.

Evaluate Yourself reduces the stimuli into one of two forms.
A positive message: “You are a good person.” And a negative message: “You are a bad person”. A parabolic speaker focus- es on the user and transmits the stimuli. The user is inundated with these messages in random order. Simultaneously a sign hands on the wall before the user and pulsates with light en- couraging them to evaluate themselves.

Evaluate your self places the user in the center of three sets of stimuli pushing them to choose to evaluate themselves were not. If not, they allow the external stimuli to set their frame of mind. Should the user chose to evaluate themselves, they must find a way to ignore the external stimuli and decide for themselves who and what they are. 


Carpet, Hypersonic Speaker, Electronics

H: 5m(ceiling height) W: 50cm D: 1m