Safe Place


Technology isolates under the guise of connecting. Why or even where does loneliness originate and how do we deal with it when we don’t have the the same social tools as do others or that these tools simply cease to function? We turn to technology.

Psychologist Otto Rank speaks of the hidden feeling behind loneliness. We are pack animals, tribal in nature. Without social contact or a close social support system we are placed outside the tribe creating the subconscious feeling of wrong doing. Safe Place isolates the user, then privately offers a voice of affirmation, alleviating the sense of wrong doing, the loneliness.

Safe Place is a comment on our tendency to allow technology to retard our own internal tools for coping with the world around us. We are retreating into technology which is capable of merely offering the essence of an experience but not the true thing. Technology can’t repair what’s broken in our harts, it can only fend off the pain for a limited time. True affirmation comes from within.


Carpet, Hypersonic Speaker, Electronics

H: 5m W: 50cm D: 50cm