Smart Guy Box


Broadcast media has a particular credibility. No matter how outlandish, and regardless of the source, we believe every- thing seen on television. As more advanced technologies grow intertwined with media, that which we consume is altered . This applies not only to television, but to radio, and print as well.

This piece relies on the half second that passes between ob- serving an event and our conscious mind registering and evaluating the event. The user looks into the box. A camera to the left provides a live feed of the user looking into the box. This live feed is mixed with prerecorded video. This creates the illusion of multiple “players” in the video. These “players” are mundane and absurd. Regardless, the user believes they exist, because it was on TV.

“The Smart Guy Box” is an experiment in the half second that passes between an event and our awareness. Technology self- validates its output faster than the time it takes awareness and interpretation to occur on our side of the transaction. 


Wooden Box and Pedestal, Video Monitor, Video Camera, Video Mixer

H: 30”W: 6” D: 6”