5 volt Clock


The concept of time is a construction of man’s imagination. It is regarded as an invisible guideline for our lives. As a result we slaves counting the hours, minutes, and seconds. Rather than counting, which leads to all manner of behaviors, I will measure the time with the 5 volt Clock. When we measure something

The 5 volt clock measures time in quantities of volts.  The current time is generated by a Real Time Clock embedded in the otherwise custom circuitry of the piece. Using a microcontroller, the time is interpreted into a range of zero to five volts. The amount of voltage is displayed on the three panel meters. 

The conventional clock and the way we count time is perhaps outdated. The 5 volt clock offers an alternative to the traditional counting of time and our behavior towards time itself. Perhaps by measuring instead of counting and tallying, new behaviors will emerge.


Wood, Acrylic, Aluminum, Custom Electronics, 5 volt Panel Meters

H: 4”W: 15” D: 4”